Breast Cancer awareness.

I always have been insecure and scared when I know something is wrong with my body is like something inside me don’t want to know what’s wrong with me, is silly and bad at the same time most people will like to know asap to get help, for me is completely scary to find out something may be wrong with me, 4 years ago I started to have a pain under my right breast and in my back the pain was so intense that I drink a lot of Teas, Pain pills and anything that will naturally help me but nothing was really helping the pain will go and come back, 16 months ago I got pregnant with my second daughter I was 8 moths pregnant when the pain came back but this time was even worse, I try to calm it down with Tylenol since that’s the only thing you can really drink for pain when you are pregnant, it pass 5 days and I still was having that extreme pain with no progress in getting better by this time I already drink to many Tylenol pills, so I decided to go to the hospital cause I didn’t wanted to put my baby in danger, when the doctor check me his words was ” You are so brave and you can handle pain really good this pain is worse than having a baby” …. then he say you have a kidney stone the size of a golf ball 😱…

Now after 16 moths I go through the same the fear of knowing if is something else wrong with me but probably this is one of my biggest fears, my aunt die from breast cancer, unfortunately she didn’t detected on time that scares me a lot, for the fast 5 months I been having this white discharge from my left breast that I been ignoring, finally I decided for my self and my babies that I need to take care more of my self and don’t fear to much is better on time than late and no solution anymore, I had the best caring people at ST. Rose Dominican Hospital 😍.. thank God everything went well and I don’t have nothing to worry about, I admire all those brave people that go through all this and still fight and stand up and never give up! We Can Do it!. #fightforthecure #breastcancerfighters #breastcancersurvivers #breastcancerfree


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